Saturday, April 4, 2015

An installation I created from my final reviews from fall semester.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Skeptical Satire on Beauty

 "The Land of Infinite Texters". Oil on gessoed paper. 2014

 'The land of Infinite Sweaters' Oil on gessoed paper. 2014

'Our Children wont find this overwhelming". Oil on gessoed paper. 2014

'Lady Hacker Soiree”. 36''by 68''. 2014, oil on gessoed paper.

This group of narrative paintings is a social critique on some of the things I find absurd, amusing, and repulsive in western culture. By using female figures to portray these scenes i'm striving to make a painting through the lens of a woman targeting woman. As women we are saturated in alluring media that ask us to remold, consume and replace ourselves on a day to day basis. These paintings are aiming to act as a form of attractive visual consumption. Like a venus fly trap, the viewer is attracted to the formality of the painting and in a sense forced to reconcile with the more humbling message the figures are portraying.

Of course this is a work in progress and these three painting represent my initial ideas on the subject. More work to come!